Australian Bass

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Bass_two_big_fish.jpg Bass fingerlings

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Australian Bass are predatory fish and require sufficient natural food to thrive. This means a good amount of aquatic insects and other aquatic life such as shrimp, crayfish, small fish and frogs. Bass are usually difficult to convert to artificial food. For these reasons stocking rates in farm dams should be relatively low, about, 200-300 per hectare, and only if there is plenty of food. In an aquarium it is much easier to convert bass to artificial food, especially if you start them on frozen blood worms. 

Bass are excellent eating. It is rare for Bass to have a muddy or weedy flavour.

Bass are easy to catch on live bait such as yabbies (lobbies), or lures. Since Bass are highly predatory, should you wish to add more fingerlings in later years, the older fish will often eat many of the new fingerlings.