Upper Katherine River Australis

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This very rare fish now available from Ausyfish !

Upper katherine river australis
This recent discovery, made by Dave Wilson, a veteran native fish collector from the Northern Territory, is a unique colour morph of the australis rainbow. Their natural habitat is only accessible by helicopter. These fish have finally reached the general hobby. GES melanotaenia australisAusyfishweb
This australis is very different from other australis seen in the hobby. In these pictures they appear very dark fish, but as with most rainbows they display beautiful colours as they move through the water. A rich crimson body colour with deep crimson stripes are highlighted by strong black fins. To top off an already beautiful fish a reflective purple adorns the dorsal area of the fish and highlights the fins. In the picture on the right the Upper Katherine rainbow stands out from the crowd. GES rainbowfish tankAusyfishweb