Opals In My Pond

Australian native fishes have been almost secretively admired by an ever increasing number of ornamental fish keepers world-wide. The most famous of these are the Rainbow fish. Australia is famous for it’s opals and the Australian Rainbow fish is the opal among the world’s aquarium fish. Like the opal the colours of these Rainbow fish are sometimes bold, and sometimes beautifully subtle.


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  S1380006       GES melanotaenia duboulayi Oyster Creek AUSY 8849 copy 2




One of Gunther's pictures. Melanotaenia duboulayi - Oyster Creek.

184 pages and over 300 images. All fish are shown in prime condition with expanded fins. 



Australian rainbows are also ideal for mosquito control. It is possible to cause the extinction of one of our rainbows by stocking your garden pond or farm dam with the wrong colour morph, even if it is the correct species as advised by authorities.

Click here to find out more, and how to catch your own colour morph for yourself.

A wide variety of Australia’s native fish are suitable for use as aquarium fish. Many of our Grunters, Gudgeons, Blue-eyes, and Hardyheads make ideal aquarium specimens.


The smallest of these are the Blue-eyes, ranging from a little over a centimetre to around 4 centimetre. The Grunters best suited for the large fish enthusiast. The Silver Perch being one of the best known of the Grunters in some parts of the world. However the Coal Grunter, a smaller species, known by a lucky few, usually only reaches about 15 cm in the aquarium. This fish shows a beautiful gold and black chequered pattern as a juvenile, gradually changing to a gold /black sandy appearance as it matures.

Below left a one year old coal grunter, right baby coal grunter.

Commercial culture techniques for Australia’s aquarium fish are as wide ranging as the types of fish. Some fish will simply reproduce in small ponds, while others require hormone induction. Many of the Rainbows are quite co-operative and a small pond of around 10 by 20 meters will produce thousands of 5cm fish. Other varieties of Rainbows need to be spawned in aquariums, or a hatchery. The Grunters are the most difficult, most needing hormones to induce spawning. The beautiful small Blue-eyes will also breed in aquariums, but after some trial and error these too can be coaxed into reproducing in earth ponds. 


Click here for rainbow breeding information.