Murray River

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Murray River rainbow, or Fluviatilis comes from one of Australias largest drainage basins, the Murray-Darling River Basin.

The Murray Darling River Basin is shown in blue. The red is the Inland Basin which includes the Barcoo River. In yellow is the Fitzroy/Dawson River Basin.

The fish was known for many years as the crimson-spotted rainbowfish, it is now more commonly referred to as the Murray river rainbow-fish. Its scientific name is, Melanotaenia fluviatilis. The grow to a maximum length of about 9cm in aquariums. Colouration varies with sex. Males show the green/blue but females are much less colourful. The rainbow from the Fitzroy Dawson River Basin is very similar in colour. Although the breed when water temperature exceeds 20°C, they are quite happy in temperatures in the mid teens.

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As with most rainbows, males perform an elaborate courtship display showing off their very best colours. The breeders used by Ausyfish originally came from South Australia, therefor they will tolerate much cooler water. In most homes in Australia, these fish will NOT require an aquarium heater. These fish are breed in our earth ponds where the water temperature in winter is usually in the mid teens, and often drops to 10 or 11 degrees Celsius. NO losses are experienced at these temperatures.