Eubanangee Swamp Rainbowfish

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This rainbow fish is one of the dwarf species. It is a Maccullochi rainbow.

The area our breeders were collected from was indeed very swampy. The water was of poor quality due to the decomposition of aquatic vegetation as the swamp area reduced during the dry season. The water in the site we collected from was shallow and very small. The volume of water would not be enough to prevent the water temperature dropping over night. Therefor the fish was able to tolerate reasonable swings in water temperature. Other water quality parameters would also be changing rapidly on a daily basin. All this being considered, this little fish would be easy to keep in any home aquarium.

The other big plus is their beautiful colours. The body is a golden yellow, with a metallic sheen, topped off with several horizontal strips. The fins are red. These pictures do not do it justice at all. 

Cairns Maccullochi 2  satchels 016