Blue Lace Rainbow

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Melanotaenia Tatei

These fish come from the Barcoo River which is one of the rivers in Central Australia which drains inland, eventually empting into Lake Eyre.

These fish inhabit one of the most unhospitable riverine environments in the world. Water temperatures vary wildly through-out the year.  Even in a 24 hour period this region experiences enormous air temperature ranges. Overnight low can be about 12 Celsius in summer with a daytime high in the 40s. In winter overnight lows can be below freezing, while the next day can be in the comfortable 20s (Celsius).  General water quality is also under pressure as the flow of freshwater is infrequent to say the least.

This means, this little fellow makes a very hardy aquarium fish, able to suffer the consequences of the casual inexperienced fish keeper. A heater is not required under normal conditions for an indoor aquarium.