Coal Grunter

Coal Grunter are generally not considered to be a good community species??  This is not completely true.


Coal Grunter can definitely be kept in some community tanks, under some circumstances.  It is important to choose the "community" carefully. Anything that can be swallowed, will be swallowed, so no neon tetras! Anything that can't stand up for it self will be bullied, sometimes until they are eventually killed, so no slow moving sluggish fish such as goldfish! Anything that can be torn apart and eaten will be torn apart and eaten, so no guppies! It is also necessary to have appropriate aquascaping. In other words, a good environment to allow all the tank-mates somewhere to dive into if they are being chased. Coal Grunter, in their natural environment live in communities. They swim about snagy areas of the river in loose groups of about 3 or 4 fish, sometimes more. If a tasty morsel, perhaps a little shrimp, is spotted by one individual, it will move in for the attack. Once it has started to attack the shrimp the rest of the group will join in. The shrimp is quickly ripped into pieces which can be swallowed. Working together they are able to take on bigger prey.