Neosilurus Ater

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The black eel-tailed catfish was first breed by Ausyfish in 1989. This was probably the first time this species was artificially spawned. Young black eel-tail catfish make interesting additions to an aquarium of Australian native fish. This species grows quite large, although growth in aquariums is very slow. These fish have been collected by Ausyfish from the Burnett River near Bundaberg, the Dawson River in Central Queensland, and most rivers in far north Queensland. We have also seen them in western draining rivers on Cape York Peninsular. Wild fish have been collected as large as 65cm. Preferred temperature in the mid 20s (Celsius), however they will survive for extended periods as low as 15C and as high as 40C. They exhibit an interesting pattern a little like honeycomb. This pattern is displayed by all size classes but sometimes is only displayed under certain conditions. The colours within this pattern are black, and several shades of grey. But the most attractive colour is blue. the same blue colour is also seen at the bass of the eye. Adult fish in spawning condition will display an orange belly. In the wild these fish will spend their days in quiet deep holes. At night they will roam all areas of the river, including fast flowing sections. They can be found in small streams and large rivers.