Ausyfish is well experienced in airfreight of live fish. Because we ship hundreds of tons of air freight we have negotiated great rates for this fast service.

Shipments can be air freighted quickly from our hatchery to almost any major airport in Australia or overseas.

We can ship any day of the week, however we routinely ship every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Our experience in air freight has been gained over 30 years of shipping and receiving live fish. Ausyfish has highly competitive air freight rates, WORLD WIDE.

You can work out the estimated freight costs from the cost guides below. Because air freight charges change frequently, you will need to confirm the final costs when you order your fish. How to order fish. Air freight is an "airport to airport" service. This means you will need to collect your fish from your local airport. To do this you shouild take proof of identy with you to the airport.

Air freight costs.

Air freight providers charge a "consignment fee" of about POA, (Including GST.) per consignment, then a charge per kilo. Fingerlings are packed in airfreight approved boxes. Each box is $16.50, (Including GST.) Below is the average cost per box for common destinations, shipped from our local airport, Bundaberg. Just work out how many boxes you will need, then add the consignment fee, and the $16.50 box charge. A box usually holds about 100 to 200 fingerlings. Packing densities can vary, depending on the time of year, the size of the fish to be shipped, and the expected travel time. This will be confirmed when you order your fish.

NOTE: Commercial quantities are packed at much higher densities. Up to 650 per box. Individual quotes apply for commercial customers. Ausyfish have excellent international and domestic air freight rates. For fish farms wishing to order commercial quantities, please email us for a quote. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You will also be given unpacking instructions which must be followed.

Adelaide POA Including GST

Sydney POA Including GST

Melbourne POA Including GST

Canberra POA Including GST

Townsville POA Including GST

Perth POA Including GST 

Cairns POA Including GST

Darwin POA Including GST



Ausyfish will transport large quantities of fingerlings using a bulk tank equipped with duel air pumps and duel pure oxygen injection. Water quality is monitored electronically from within the cabin throughout the trip, ensuring arrival of the fingerlings in good condition. 

Bulk road tanker delivery is available up to 1500kl from Childers.(3000kl round trip.)  Orders over $300 and less than 60kl from Childers are delivered free. Over 60kl if round trip is less than one day, delivery is 70c per kilometer, round trip. For greater distances, 600kl and over (one way) an additional $150 will be charged, per day of the round trip. This additional charge is to cover accommodation meals and other out-of-pocket expenses. Long distance deliveries are only available for large orders.


Local Deliveries

If you are located between the Gold Coast and Rockhampton, Including Brisbane, in most cases, fish can be delivered to your door. This is subject to confirmation by our courier service. If you are in a rural area where they cannot deliver to your door, a drop-off point can be arranged. Each box is $29.70, including packing. The same arrangements are in place for Toowoomba, parts of Northern NSW, and Mackay, at $55.22 per box.  

International Shipments Terms and conditions.

Minimum shipment is ten boxes per consignment. Minimum value each shipment AUD$3,600 product. All shipping and and packing costs are in addition to fish value.

Payment is in full in advance, by direct deposit to our account. 


Ausyfish ship to many countries around the world, including, Malaysia, mainland China, Taiwan, Europe, Hong Kong and the United States . We have an FDA number and are licensed to export native Australian fish. Our facility is an approved quarintine facility for export, and we operate under the Queensland Government Disease Free Certification Program.

Please contact us, preferably by Email should you wish to discuss details for your first order. 

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