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Ausyfish Pty Ltd ABN 69 010 810 670  Aquaculture approval number 9BRBC 067 601  Reference Number 97BRBC 0676

We offer fish that are great for AQUAPONICS 

For home delivery order fish click here. 


You can collect from the farm if you like. Phone me to book. Call Bruce on 0407 797 149   

Sorry, we don't have credit card facility. Only cash when you pick up, or you can make a bank transfer before you come.

Not everyone knows what "aquaponics" is. Let me give a simple explanation, from someone who knows nothing about growing plants. Put simply, aquaponics is growing fish and using the water from the fish to grow plants, usually vegetables.

Why is the water from the fish used to grow plants? Because it contains nutrients that help grow the plants. Another word you could use in place of nutrients is, fertiliser. Natural fertaliser ! All you do is feed the fish, and their waste becomes the food for your vegetables. You end up with fresh fish, and your own veggies. You know there are no chemicals, horemones or anything you don't want to eat, AND . . . the fish are loaded with omega-3. Click for omega-3 details.

For a closer look at the pictures, just right click and open in new tab. Or zoom in if using a phone.

LEFT: Lettuce                                RIGHT: Mint

lettuce  mint


The idea of growing a few veggies in the back yard is nothing new. It's been around as long as the back yard. In fact, growing "veggies" probably resulted in the invention of the back yard. No longer hunter foragers, humans became farmers. These days growing plants in the back yard is done, more for love than necessity. (Perhaps during this difficult time, it's more of a necessity.)  The opportunity has now presented itself to actually make extra use of the water we use to grow the "veggies".

If you already know what I am talking about, and just want to get on with it and order some fish, we can send fish to your door, almost anywhere in Australia for about $38.50 per box, with about 100 fingerlings in each box.

You can order jade perch, silver perch, barramundi, or sleepy cod for . . . 

    • 30 - 49  fish  ---   $2.64 each  Inc GST
    • 50  - 99 fish  ---   $2.20 each  Inc GST
    • 100 - 499 fish --- $1.87 each inc GST
    • over 500 fish ---  $1.43 each inc GST
    • For smaller quantities click here

Fish food is also available from us for $11.00 per kilo. We can deliver food alone, or with a fingerling order. online order form.

 Click here to order. We will email you with a quote and arrange shiping details and payment. PLEASE NOTE, we will not ask for any credit card or bank details.

 For more information keep reading . . .

Click here for more fish and prices.

We grew all these cherry tomatoes in a few weeks. Only me and my wife, too many for us to eat.

Cherry tomatoes  cherry tomatoes 2

We were already growing a few perch for our own consumption. All we did was run the water from our perch tank through a tank where we had vegitables in a floating raft. We fed the fish just as we had been doing for months. After the water passed through the filter, and before it went back to the fish tank, it went through the vegitable tank. I can't believe how easy it is.

Click picture for YouTube video

Aquaponic video Aquaponic video 2 Aquaponic video more ambitious

Did you know Australian native fresh water fish are grown on commercial farms around the world . . . The short video below shows the contrast between a backyard system and large commercial facilities in Hong Kong and Singapore.

 Singapore silver perch

Want more in depth information about aquaponics . . . click the picture below. You will be leaving this website Practical Aquaponics